Fix Slow Boot on Windows 10

Windows 10 has been the most exciting and powerful Operating System for some people. But some may experience problems, and sometimes the Operating System is the one to blame. Windows 10 is the most optimized Operating System ever built by Windows. So if you experience some problems with it, you should try to fix it before switching to other Operating Systems. The most common problem met by some Windows 10 users is the slow booting. In this post, I will tell you some solutions that can fix the problem.

How to Fix Windows 10 Slow Booting

  1. Uninstall Unidentified Programs
    When you download and install programs from the internet, some programs may install unwanted additional programs. To check whether you have unidentified programs or not, click on Windows Start button, then search for ‘Add or Remove Programs‘. Click on the corresponding search result.
    Add or Remove Programs Windows 10
    On the Apps & Features window, check on every programs you have in your computer. If there is suspicious program that you don’t know and have never heard of, you may click it and uninstall it right away. If you are not sure, you can google it to check if the program is important or not for your computer.
    Apps and Features Windows 10

  2. Remove Useless Startup Programs
    Windows has programs that starts automatically on startup. These programs are set by the configuration of the programs themselves. To check what programs run automatically on startup, simply open Windows Task Manager by searching it from windows start button.
    Opening Windows Task Manager
    On the Task Manager Windows, click on Startup tab. Now let’s check every single startup programs and see if you recognize the program. Even if you are not sure which program is slowing down the booting, you can always disable all programs in the startup by doing right click on an enabled program and click disable.
    Windows Task Manager

  3. Check Unidentified Background Processes
    Similar with previous solutions, Windows has some processes that runs in the background. Sometimes the programs are not very important or even not needed at all. To access Windows 10 Background Processes, go to Task Manager again, then click on Processes tab, scroll down to Background Processes. You can End Task every programs that you don’t recognize or unidentified. Don’t worry about Ending important processes, because important processes can not be terminated by user.
    Windows 10 Background Processes

  4. Turn off Fast Startup
    By far, the most problematic setting when it comes to boot time in Windows 10 is the Fast Startup option. This is enabled by default, and is supposed to reduce startup time by pre-loading some boot information before your PC shuts off.While the name sounds promising, it’s caused issues for a lot of people.

    • Search for Power & Sleep Settings via Windows Start Button.
      Windows 10 Search Power & Sleep Settings
    • On the right side of this screen, click Additional power settings to open the Power Options menu on the Control Panel.
      Windows 10 Additional Power Settings
    • Here, click Choose what the power buttons do on the left sidebar.
      Windows Power Options
    • Now, untick Turn on fast startup (recommended). You’ll need to provide administrator permission to change the settings on this page, so click the text at the top of the screen that reads Change settings that are currently unavailable.
      Save Changes to disable this setting.
      Windows 10 Fast Startup

You can always try every solutions above and restart your computer to check if the booting is speed up. It’s better to check all solutions above in few minutes, than letting your windows boot slow all the time.


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